Photos of Broad Peak

Snow Geese and Mt Baker by wanderflechten

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the summit is over 2 miles elevation above where I am standing (near sea level)

note "mist" right of summit in all photos - must be steam (fumerols are above crater between Grant Pk (left summit) and Sherman Pk (right)

upper broad glacier divides into Demming, Easton and Squak glaciers

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2 peaks on left are the &quot;Black Buttes&quot; (Lincoln and Colfax peaks), remnants of former stratovolcano

row of peaks at bottom left center to right are Twin Sisters Range (huge body of dunite, see <a href=""></a>)

my photos arranged by subject - <a href=""></a>
Broad Peak ò Falchen Kangri (8 051 m) es una montanha d'Imalaia situada lòng de la frontiera entre Paquistan e China. Es la dotzena cima pus auta dau mond. Read further
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